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Golden Egg Shaker

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Make Breakfast Nutritious & Fun!

Quickly Pre-Scramble Eggs In A Fun Way To Easily Prepare A Tasty & Nutritious Breakfast with the “Nutrition Rocket” Golden Egg Shaker!

  • Scrambles eggs in seconds - with just a few pulls of the string!
  • A great way for kids (& adults) to enjoy eating the whole egg - even if they dislike the yolk!
  • Free Shipping + 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Just put the egg inside, close it and pull the string - the “rocket” will automatically spin! Rotate it a few times to get a perfect golden egg! - Get it Today for just $17.97
Egg Scrambler硅胶摇摇器打蛋器

  1. Put ht eggs in, close the lid
  2. Put the cover into the slot of the base vertically
  3. Close the cover again rotate it tightly
  4. Pull the drawstring,20-40times to complete
Egg Scrambler silicone shaker whisk
✅Dislike Yolk? No Problem!
Egg Scrambler silicone shaker whiskIs a great way for those who dislike eating the yolk of boiled eggs to enjoy the full nutrition eggs can provide!
✅Scrambled In The Shell

Egg Scrambler silicone shaker whiskFeatures a shell-protecting texture on the inside and holds the egg perfectly balanced, so it doesn't break while spinning!
✅Food-Grade Materials

Egg Scrambler silicone shaker whiskIs designed from strong, durable, and food-grade ABS plastics and silicone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the string quickly get back when pulled - with the chance to hit my hand?

A: No. The string can be wound up through the open-window design of the holder. It's not self-retractable so it doesn't hit your or your children's fingers! 

Q: How many spins does it take to scramble an egg? 

A: It depends, but on average, you need about 15-30 consecutive spins to get the egg perfectly scrambled! This usually takes less than 30 seconds! 

Q: Do I get a full 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee with this product? 

A: Yes! If it doesn’t meet your expectations you can return it within 60 days and get your full money back!